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Looxfilm [registered merchant]

Provider for media services in Cologne / Germany.

Looxfilm is your competent partner for high-end audiovisual projects: corporate films, TV formats and Internet.
In addition to standard camera work and professional equipment rental, if needed, we can offer you as provider for media services in Cologne/ Germany the whole range of film production service: brainstorming and development of ideas, storyboard creation, organisation and handling of shooting, film editing and postproduction including animation and dubbing in cooperation with competent and experienced freelancers.
We can rely on the most modern technology with camera formats ranging from HD to 4K.
For us and our freelance associates, creativity and quality are always the ultimate goal of any project we undertake. Our comprehensive services also offer the development of custom-made web solutions for your company /enterprise. Practice-oriented and user-friendly.
Our well-established and reliable operational methods are always based on your firm's functional processes.

The Looxfilm company draws attention to you and your ideas.