Corporate films

The corporate film genre requires distinctive individual product communication. Branding, Marketing Strategy, Corporate Identity or Content Marketing are just a few parameters, which play an important role in the communication of a company or product. These must be so intrinsically interconnected that a corporate culture with its authentic traits /characteristics is clearly recognizable. The corporate films produced by Looxfilm e.K. convey your message via the language of animated pictures for better communications.
It is our aim to make your success visible by evoking enthusiasm, appealing to emotions and capturing the very essence of your company's
intrinsic qualities.
Rely on our know-how and that of our freelance associates to communicate your corporate profile. Whether Image or product films,
trade-fair or training movies, advertising spots and social media communication, your ideas will be staged professionally.

Benefit from our know-how for your corporate profile.

Holger Uhl in talk with customerEditing suite, Looxfilm/Cologne-Germany.