Medientraining Verhalten in der Öffendlichkeit


...effective, interesting, convincing; aimed at mastering the art of sending clear signals.
For managers and executives, the list of public appearances is lengthy: press interviews, conferences, talkshows, employee incentives, and so on. Factual knowledge is generally correct, yet these performances are often less successful, because critical topics are addressed in these public presentations. Emotions can flare up, or confrontation can be intentionally provoked. For an untrained speaker, much can go wrong in these situations, and an attempt to present an objective response convincingly, can often have
the converse result: instead of an image gain, a loss of reputation;
instead of successful promotional marketing, snide comments and sneers.

This is why public appearance should be trained.

stock exchange Many politicians have learned this lesson by now and stage their performances in detail. Didactics, rhetoric and demeanor are not left to chance. This applies to managers and other executives as well: clear positions, strong messages and congenial presentations convince customers and partners. Therefore public discourse should be practised on a regular basis. The experts at Looxfilm have been preparing professionals, executives and corporate management for media appearances and publicity events since 2002. In the process, we have developed special concepts which accurately reflect media reality, resulting in outstanding success. We look forward to your inquiry and welcome any questions that may arise.

Fundamental Principles – reliable and effective

Matthias KutscherThe goal of our workshops is to systematically provide the knowledge / know-how to attain maximum results for your personal advantage.

Expert knowledge – We have been conducting media- and crisis-
                                   training courses on a regular basis since 2002

Method –                  practical experience, concise analyses and                                   compact theory alternate in quick succession

Contents –                the training courses accurately reflect the topics
                                  and workings of media reality
tranparentMatthias Kutzscher      

The Contents – in-depth and to the point

PostproductionMedia training covers the essentials of the following subjects:

Media Knowledge – learn the operating principles of editors

Dialogue Expertise – experience pitfalls and learn how to counter them

Rhetoric skills – bringing complex issues straight to the point

Positioning – conveying messages convincingly

Personality – experience and optimise the impression you make on others during                        conversations and discussions

The Method – focused and precise

workshopThe outstanding feature of our Media Training lies in its combination of professional and methodical excellence.

Economic know-how – dialogue/discussion partners are established economic journalists who work for diverse major media

System Competence – the coaches are lecturers for Journalism and Media Relations

transparentMatthias Kutzscher, Head of the Media Trainings, teaches at the Axel-Springer Akademie in Berlin, at the Medienakademie in Cologne, at the School for Communications and Management (SCM / Berlin) and at Media Workshop (Hamburg)

The Realisation – precise and practice-oriented

We employ effective didactics in which inter-related elements are skillfully presented in successive steps.

Professional Practice – the training course consists of numerous tutorials that reflect the client's media requirements and preferred media genres.

Analysis – journalists conduct interviews and discussions with the client in front of a camera as well as on the phone and analyse them immediately. The sessions are evaluated in regard to content, message and personal presentation.

Theory – on request, short presentations concerning interview- and research tricks, formulation of positions and presentation of critical issues can be incorporated into the training sessions.

Focus TV – why we employ television

Holger UhlTop-quality TV technology

Media Competence – in our trainings we consistently rely on television as a vehicle. Via live performance in front of a camera, work with the media can be practised in an ideal way.

Diagnostics and Analysis – it is a principle of our workshop to learn from candid judgment by oneself and others, from explanations, arguments, messages and statements, as well as from speech, gestures and facial expressions.

transparentHolger Uhl contributes video technology and asthetic advice and tips for a professional television appearance