Television productions: our dedicated input for tv channels

Swat river earthquakeWe have been working for more than 20 years for various TV broadcasting stations (RTL, VOX, ZDF, WDR, ARD, SWR, NDR, HR, NTV, Deutsche Welle) and have covered the formats documentary, report and magazine spots. There has been a long-term corporation with consumer magazine spots like Plusminus and Markt or political magazine spots like e.g. Monitor. We filmed documentaries as well as travel programmes worldwide (e. g. Voxtours) and were also employed in disaster zones (e.g. earthquakes in Haiti and Pakistan, Tsunami in Sri Lanka).

TV Filmproduction »Noch einen Letzten«When referring to producing my experimental short movie “Brian Enos’s Future Light Lounge Proposal – a visual score by Holger Uhl & Georg Worecki“ (2004), the docudrama “Noch einen Letzten” (2006) or the music video “Die Welt ging unter am Zürichsee”/Thomas Busch Quartett (2005) may serve as representative examples. We are happy to have received various awards for our work (e. g. 1. Preis „Silbernes Pferd”, CHIO Aachen, 2001(Reportage), 1. Preis Internationales Filmfestival Epona, Frankreich, 2003 (Reportage), Hauptpreis der Friedrich und Isabel Vogel-Stiftung, 2009 (Magazin), Deutscher Journalistenpreis von Verdi, 2009 (Magazin).