About me

Holger UhlFor the past 25 years, I, Holger Uhl, have been a professional cameraman and have successfully worked for highly diverse productions – for television-, as well as for industrial formats. Initially, my interest was focused on photography. The ability to capture a perfect moment, frozen in time and then to play with that instant, inspired my imagination. Photography depicts unvarnished reality, while still offering countless creative and fictitious possibilities. This apparent contradiction appealed to me.
But film can do even more. To define chronological sequences and contents, to be in control of visual language in all its various facets, to evoke a third dimension through shadow play, - all of this encompasses a vast range of creative possibilities, which, through successful interaction, can make a film an unforgettable experience. This is where I wanted to be. This was to be my playground. And my toy, and tool from then on, was the video camera. Thus Sony, Arri, RED, etc., became my companions on my way to an ever-expanding comprehension of film. Coverage /Reporting, corporate films or documentaries are as diverse, as only films can be. And yet I feel at home in all genres.

As an experienced scuba diver, I also offer underwater filming, a field I took up professionally
after completing a workshop with Peter Romano (The Abyss, Star Trek, Titanic).

We also offer filming with drones. The new generation of drone technology makes it possible to
shoot impressiv film sequences. This is an upcoming market with an increasing demand.
Since founding th Cologne enterprise in 2002, Looxfilm [registered merchant] has received diverse
awards for TV documentaries and magazine contributions.